Bergpark Wilhelmshöhe

A "Gesamtkunstwerk" of Architecture, Garden Design and Landscape



Located on the eastern slope of the Habichtswald, Wilhelmshöhe hill park is a combination of a Baroque garden and an extensive landscape park. The hill park, which boasts famous water features and is crowned by a large sculpture of Hercules, has been Kassel’s main attraction for three centuries.

Although the large-scale Baroque concept conceived under Landgrave Karl was never completed, it still defines the park’s appearance today. The enormous octagon with its statue of Hercules and cascades forms the dominant element of the central axis, which continues along Wilhelmshöher Allee to the east of the palace as far as the town itself.

Landscape-style areas of garden stretch out beside the main axis. Landgrave Wilhelm IX had these laid out from 1786 and they were later extended to the north. These areas of apparently untouched nature are home to a large variety of species of trees and shrubs. The water features at the Baroque cascades are continued in “natural” form through the park and highlighted to special effect. Further attractions include the romantic Löwenburg (Lion Castle), the “Chinese village” of Mulang and the greenhouse with its orchids, palms and camellias.