Park Wijlre






 The gardens at Wijlre are characterised by the harmony between the historical castle with its charming gardens and the contemporary design of the "Hedge House". Together, they form an exceptional ensemble.

"Garden rooms" of widely differing designs were created under the direction of the former private owners. The garden rooms are separated by hedges and linked to each other by vistas. A symmetrical French ornamental garden was laid out on both sides of the approach driveway.


The gardens at Wijlre are much vaunted by garden lovers, above all due to the decorative rose garden and the flower garden with its tone in tone borders. Especially popular are also the modern sculptures by Peter Struycken und Ad Dekkers as well as the walks around the house through the orchard and the landscape-style part of the park with its charming views of the castle. Striking old trees include a ginkgo, a gleditsia (honey locust) and a liriodendron (tulip tree).