Gardens in Bruges and the Bruges’ region: living in a green environment

Old city maps of Bruges show how much green there used to be within the city walls: kitchen gardens, orchards, bleachfields and walled monastery and private gardens. As from the early 19th century numerous garden architects operated within the walls of Bruges. Due to the construction of new streets and houses in the 19th and 20th centuries much of the green has disappeared. The historical city centre nevertheless still features surprisingly many gardens and parks today. Most gardens are privately owned and cannot be visited.



   The region Bruges Woodland and Wetland

The Bruges Woodland and Wetland is the green area around Bruges. Including the cities of Bruges and Torhout, the region covers 661 sq km and has some 275.000 inhabitants. To the north the North Sea can be found and to the east the Netherlands and the province of East Flanders. To the south is the Roeselare-Tielt region and to the west the Ostend-Gistel region.