Wellington Park



Wellington Park, with its pleasing contrasts of formal bedding set against the informal rockeries and winding pathways, is well worth a visit. Wellington Park, a short walk from the town centre, dates from 1902 and still is a compact site of 4.5 acres.

The borders are planted with shrubs but each year the ornamental beds are planted with over 48,000 spring and summer bedding plants. Many of the plantings follow the original plans by Meyer himself, including four species of rhododendron; R.ferrugineum, R.hirsutum, R.Myrtifolium and R.Wilsoni. Various species of berberis, Cytisus purpureus ‘Incarnatus’ (purple broom), Euonymus fortunei Radicans, Juniperus Sabina, Taxus baccata (common yew and T.Doyastoni (Westfelton yew) were also planted.

The lawns are home to some remarkable old trees including a large Liquidamber and a Golden Conifer (Thuja Plicata) and a splendid Weeping Willow hangs over the pond. Pollarded lime trees are planted into the gravel around the bandstand and two massive oaks stand near the war memorial.