Gartenanlagen am Haus Welbergen

Gardens at Haus Welbergen

Haus Welbergen

Haus Welbergen is a relatively unknown treasure in the northern Münsterland. A walk along the extensive moat system is particularly worthwhile, as the paths continually provide charming views of the moated house.

The well-tended gardens on the forecastle island are the most popular attraction for many visitors today. An atmospheric garden based on historical designs was created here in place of two domestic buildings.

A fountain inspired by Renaissance forms gives the garden a peaceful, contemplative quality. There is a small garden area which can be traced back to the Renaissance era on the far side of the Marienkapelle (Chapel of Our Lady) on the forecastle island.

Today’s carefully tended gardens have a special charm. Gate pillars from 1730 mark the entrance to the garden island. While this was used intensively for cultivation in the past, it is now only home to some fruit trees. A number of very large solitary trees are an indication of the probable Baroque splendour of the past. Two further gate pillars mark the entrance to a landscaped area with rhododendrons and solitary shrubs.

Haus Welbergen and its gardens are a particularly attractive destination in the summer months, when the shrubs and roses are in bloom.