Revierpark Vonderort

Revierpark Vonderort and Gesundheitspark Quellenbusch





In 1969, the architects were given 32 hectares and four years to create the Revierpark Vonderort on the “ruins” of a municipal park in the spirit of the turn of the century.

A four-kilometre nature trail leads to the quiet, semi-natural areas, which are especially charming in the autumn and winter, but also to areas for summer activities: open spaces for sports, a lake for rowing boat and pedal boat rides, a mini golf area, a water playground and a place for playing bowls. Visitors are also invited to enjoy the many “wellness” options on offer.

In the adjoining Gesundheitspark Quellenbusch, which was created for the International Building Exhibition (IBA), visitors can rest both mind and body while restoring their energy. Vegetable, medicinal, and herb gardens, a health pyramid, an energy spiral and an energy labyrinth, a meditation garden and a Kneipp centre provide an atmosphere of balance and harmony for body, spirit and soul. The health centre building, which also houses a cafeteria, is a transparent structure which allows the natural world to enter from the outside while simultaneously announcing its philosophy to the external world.