Steyl Convent Gardens
and Jochumhof Botanical Garden





Steyl convent gardens and Jochumhof botanical garden comprise an important example of garden history. Together, the three religious houses and the gardens form a unique ensemble with a special character. Because of this, Steyl convent village was given listed status as a state-protected monument in 2008.

Visitors will find cloistral silence and meditation in both the small and large park as well as in St. Gregory’s garden. Rhododendrons flower in June in the small park while wisterias cover the pergolas with a profusion of blue blossom in St. Gregory’s garden. Here, beds of herbaceous perennials and vegetable patches are flanked by fruit trees. The large park is dominated by the Sacred Heart mound and the convent cemetery with the Way of the Cross. Curving paths through the gently rolling, wooded grounds lead the visitor to viewing points and quiet spots for contemplation.


A lush profusion of flowers surrounds the historical building in the small botanical garden Jochumhof, which boasts a terrace with sweeping views over the Meuse river. Cacti and succulents from all over the world grow in the greenhouse.