Münster Promenade and Aaseepark


To the southwest of Münster's old town centre lies an important area for recreation in the heart of the Münsterland - the Aasee (Aa Lake) and the green areas around it. The western section of the lake in particular is an important ecological enhancement for the city's balance of nature due to its near-natural structure and extensive flood areas with shallows and wetlands.

The areas directly adjacent to the city, by contrast, have a more structured garden design, their extensive shaped lawns and large groups of shrubs and trees giving them a definite park-like character.

The historical rampart promenade directly at the Aasee surrounds Münster like a ring and has a long history. Boasting a four-row avenue of linden trees and many structures bearing witness to the historical development of the city and its fortification, the Promenade is both an area for recreation and a corridor for cyclists.