Castle Garden at the Sleeping Beauty Castle of Sababurg





A small garden behind the castle ward wall in the ruin of the medieval Sababurg, also known as the “Sleeping Beauty Castle”, is a reminder of the tradition of kitchen and ornamental gardens in castles. The castle garden gives pride of place to roses, some of which climb up the old walls. Many traditionally cultivated flowers and herbaceous perennials with a long horticultural history can also be found here along with spices and medicinal herbs. Important features of the formally-structured garden include straight paths flanked by ornamental borders with profusely blossoming flowers, a broadened semi-circular space with a fountain, a hornbeam arbour and a rose arch.


A specimen of the rare “Kiftsgate” rose thrives at the east tower of the palace behind the garden. The small flowers of this wild climbing rose from the Himalayas can be seen in full bloom in mid-June. The ornamental garden is supplemented by a herb and kitchen garden in another part of the castle complex. This garden, which is surrounded by a picket fence and laid out with beds in a regular geometrical structure, combines the practical and the aesthetic in a charming manner.