Haus Ripshorst / Emscher Landschaftspark

Haus Ripshorst



The Gehölzgarten (tree and shrub garden) at Haus Ripshorst was designed by Lohhaus and Diekmann, landscape architects from Hannover. The garden shows the allocation of varieties of trees in a geohistorical context. An expedition from “tertiary” to “cultured trees and shrubs” presents visitors with exotic beauties such as the tulip tree with its striking blossoms or the amber tree with its magnificent autumnal colours.

 A bold bridge designed by Prof. Dr. Schlaich from Stuttgart spans the Rhein-Herne canal with a steel tube arch, connecting Haus Ripshorst and the Gehölzgarten with the Emscherpark bicycle route.

The Ruderalpark Frintrop borders on Gehölzgarten Ripshorst to the south. Here ruderal vegetation consisting of hardy pioneering plants has developed on a former marshalling yard.

The “Klärpark Läppkes Mühlenbach“ was created to the east of Ripshorst on the site of the former settling basin “Läppkes Mühlenbach” according to plans drawn up by landscape architects Heimer and Herbstreit. Here, the Emschergenossenschaft (a regional water authority) as the owner succeeded in using the dominant industrial structures to create a novel form of landscape for the future.

Since 1999, the buildings of the former farm Haus Ripshorst house the information centre for the Emscher Landschaftspark. An exhibition on the park shows well-known highlights alongside many smaller projects.