Landschaftspark Rheder



Following the garden theories of Prince Pückler-Muskau, Count Joseph Bruno von Mengersen created an approximately 70-hectare "classical" landscaped garden from about 1838 onwards. Rather than using non-native trees and shrubs, he took various broad-leafed trees and conifers to "paint" the park in various shades of green.

The same purpose is served by paths and viewing points which lead the visitor to highlights in the park's design. Among these are the "Pückler-Schlag", a line of sight which runs from the castle to the Sieseberg on the other side. From the mountain there is a view over the river valley and the village with the Katharinenkirche (St Catherine's Church). This church from 1718 is regarded as an early work by the famous Westphalian master builder Schlaun and is located near the Katharinenbrücke (St Catherine's Bridge). Original elements of the landscape park include the romantic stone bridge with an artificial spring and the lake island with the statue of the Madonna.

Even before the plants come into leaf, spring flowering plants such as anemones and larkspur bathe the forest floor in a sea of flowers.

Bruno von Mengersen used the natural features of the landscape so cleverly that the park is still like a romantic landscape painting today.