Spatial Planning

Planning Strategies and Developments Concepts

- How can gardens and parks contribute to regional development?
- What conditions do they need to thrive?
- Where is their value already recognised in regional strategies and where is their potential as cultural and tourist attractions still untapped?

To answer these questions, the EGHN partners have compared and evaluated regional development programmes. Case studies on the five anchor gardens have illustrated their cultural, social and economic value and their importance to the region as a whole. Additionally, a research study on Tatton Park, the anchor garden in Cheshire (England), was commissioned in which the park’s economic effect on the region is directly expressed in numbers. In this way the EGHN has provided up-to-date information that underlines the potential of gardens for innovative and sustainable regional development; not just contributing to a region’s soft infrastructure but, as a part of the cultural landscape, as an economic generator. These arguments emphasise the significance of parks and gardens and help increase their recognition in regional and national development.

The EGHN outcomes, resulting from the INTERREG project between 2003 and 2008, are being incorporated into planning and political recommendations. Already now, current programmes and projects in the partner regions and beyond are showing that this has successfully been done.

Based on this and adding a new focus, the EGHN partners are jointly and transnationally working on key issues of "Green Urban Devlopment". Study visits to projects in various regions, a joint application for a new project "Hybrid Parks" in the INTERREG IVC framework (to be decided in the beginning of 2012) and the new, fifth European Theme being presented on this website are first results.

Download of EGHN-Reports related to this action:

EGHN_REGIONALE NRW (pdf-file, 0,4 MB)

EGHN_Cultural Strategies (pdf-file, 0,2 MB)

EGHN_Tatton_Conference (pdf-file, 0,2 MB)

EGHN_Analysis Questionnaire Policies (pdf-file, 0,2 MB)

EGHN_SEA for Garden Policies (pdf-file, 0,3 MB)

NEW: EGHN_Value and impact assessment of Tatton Park (pdf-file, 0,9 MB)