Tiergarten Raesfeld



Wasserschloss Raesfeld (Raesfeld Moated Castle) and the extensive woodlands of its deer park are popular for outings among visitors from the Westmünsterland region and beyond. 

The Tiergarten was originally created for hunting parties of the nobility and as a "living larder". Today, it offers visitors the opportunity to go walking in the woods and to observe nature in a calm environment.

The basic structure of the Tiergarten has remained unchanged for the most part since the Renaissance and a new concept has been created to reactivate its earlier roles over the coming  years. The woods have once again been enclosed and the  first animals have been released into the park. 
Although historical deer parks are not, strictly speaking, gardens because they tend to be wooded areas, Tiergarten Raesfeld is well structured and features extensive woodland and heathland, meadows, pastures, lakes and springs. This corresponds exactly to the Renaissance ideal of a cultivated landscape as a natural whole. Designed elements such as a vineyard island or the 18th-century "long pool" near the castle harmonise with this mosaic-like landscape.