Theme of the route...

Gastronomy and the Art of Living in the Gardens of the Western Loire Valley
Discovering the art of living in Pays de la Loire is a treat for all five senses.
You are invited to look at the broad sweep of the landscape, the many monuments and the fertile vineyards which characterise the region.
Why not listen and be charmed by the soft murmuring of the streams and rivers, the ebb and flow of the tides, the sweet sound of birdsong in the gardens and woods and the rhythm of the church bells, not to mention the songs and concerts which are typical of the region.

        The Pays de La Loire Region...

The western Loire valley unites parts of the former provinces of Brittany, Normandy, Touraine and Poitou to form today’s region of Pays de La Loire.
The region’s diverse physical characteristics encompass a dense network of rivers, 450 km of coastline, and numerous small fields bordered by hedges. The chateaux of the landed nobility are prominent features of the various parts of the region, which has a rich and varied cultural history. Agriculture dominates the regional economy, but industry, fishing and shipbuilding also play a role. ...

        Gardenland Pays de la Loire ...

Gardens in all their variety are one of the great attractions of this part of France, whether their emphasis be on landscape features or on botanical, aesthetic or historical elements.
Every green treasure possesses an individual charm of its own which the visitor can absorb at will - whether it is a case of English reverie or French elegance, Italian atmospheres or oriental meditation, green mazes or fantastically-shaped arbours, the constant alternation of scents or symphonies of white water-lilies, shaped yew-trees and arrangements of boxwood or sweetly scented rose gardens.
The parks and gardens in Pays de la Loire were chosen because of their beauty and their inviting appeal. They form a quality network for walks which offer visitors a range of stimulating impressions, colourful images and fragrant scents.