The Gardens of Montmarin



Château du Montmarin is located near Dinard and Saint Malo. It is an elegant building in Louis XV style, the roof structure of which is reminiscent of the upturned hull of a ship. Montmarin is one of the few surviving malouinières (manor houses) on the left bank of the Rance river. The château is reached by crossing the plain cour d'honneur, which is dominated by a splendid fountain of cararra marble.

The park - already highly praised by Chateaubriand - descends to the Rance over four terraces. A French garden and vegetable garden dating from the 18th century are adjoined by a 19th-century romantic park in the style of the Bühler brothers. This remarkable ensemble covering almost six hectares is landscaped wtih lawns, trees and shrubs, rockeries, numerous botanical collections and herbaceous beds as well as the famous aganpathuses which can be admired in July and August. The gardens have been awarded with the distinction "Monument Historique" and "Jardin remarquable".