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We appreciate your interest in the European Garden Heritage Network EGHN and in a possible partnership for your park/garden and/or an inclusion of your region into the network.

In 2008 the financial support given to the EGHN project by the European Union’s INTERREG programme ended. In May 2009 the official partners within this project agreed on the “EGHN Masterplan 2012” setting the structural and organisational framework for the continuation and enlargement of the EGHN network. The Masterplan also clarified upcoming objectives, tasks and obligations for all actual and future partners. Thus the Masterplan and the EGHN statutes that were agreed too, set the framework for the future work and growth of the network and for the inclusion of new regions, parks and gardens.

A sustainable growth, respecting quality standards, is the leading principle, in the interest of all existing and future partners. Experienced and agreed selection criteria and quality standards will have to be fulfilled by partners, parks and gardens. This is also true for a possible inclusion of commercial partners (e.g. hotels, nursery, manufactures) which may be another of the future network activities to raise visitor satisfaction and local economic effects.

We will be pleased to discuss options and costs to become a partner or supporter of the EGHN individually. If there are any questions, ideas or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us. The easiest way is sending an e-mail to:

This will bring you in contact to our consultants who have created the idea of the EGHN and are commissioned by the Schloss Dyck Foundation on behalf of the entire partnership, to manage and to develop the EGHN and its partnership:

pohl.planung.projektentwicklung / Ingelore Pohl

Plan+ / Christian Gruessen

Lindemannstr. 33
44137 Dortmund