Linköping - A park in the city

Trädgårdsföreningen in Linköping


The Linköping Horticulture Society was founded on 22 March 1859 to create an English style city park for recreational, educational and horticultural purposes. In 2009, celebrating its 150-year existence, the city park’s attractiveness relies on its old trees, herbaceous borders, streams and ponds, the Belvedere tower, rose collections, the Tropical House, a “Sunken Garden” by landscape architect Ulf Nordfjell and an area for ephemeral “gardens of ideas”.


Blossoms of witch hazel and European cornel are the first to start the new garden season in spring, shortly to be followed by the splendour of bulbs below the old tress. Soon magnolias and azaleas will dominate the colours within the park. In May flowerbeds and borders in white, blue and violet, including iris, phlox, delphiniums, peonies and snapdragons are in full bloom. From June onwards the great varieties of roses add their splendour of colours and scents. The many grasses change from green to red, brown and pale yellow in the autumn. The view from the Belvedere tower is of particular excitement in autumn when the foliage of the many old trees is varied and vibrant.

The “Sunken Garden” was opened in 2001. With its circular, elevated flower bed and half-moon shaped flower beds, this section - at the entrance of the park and opening the view towards the fountain - is reminiscent of 19th century ideals while the choice of plants mirrors the current trend with perennial plants and high-growing grass.

The two “Swiss style” houses flanking the entrance, built in 1864 and renovated in 2001, add a historical touch to the new sunken garden.