Kerkrade Botanical Garden







The landscape part of the Botanical Garden offers numerous charming views across its slightly upward-sloping lawns and of its ponds and various groups of trees and bushes. The garden designer Bergmans (1892 - 1980) combined the basic principles of landscape style as described by English garden designer Humprey Repton (1752 -1818) with the modern use of herbaceous borders here. He succeeded in generating a sense of space and variation within a relatively small area on the one hand while managing to show a large variety of plants from mainly temperate climatic zones on the other.


The Botanical Garden, which has always specialised in the flora of Limburg province, has also been home to a collection of threatened succulents from Madagascar since the construction of a greenhouse in the nineties. The rock garden has an impressive variety of small-flowered rock plants. The Botanical Garden is listed as a protected site.