Information and Signage

Visitor guidance to and within the gardens

The European Garden Heritage Network has also sought to improve the quality of information and signage available to visitors. This has been undertaken in response to a perceived lack of signage directing visitors to gardens and, once there, a lack of information about their architecture, design and details.

To this end, the French partners have developed and tested an interpretation system that is contemporary, comprehensive and site specific. It is now being implemented in other partner gardens with much success. Essential elements of the system are standardised plaques and signs which inform visitors about the particular garden, its history and unique features. The route through the garden is illustrated with simple pictograms and display boards about the EGHN and modern, interactive information terminals (in Hestercombe Gardens, Somerset) supplement this information.

In addition, a handbook describes how the partners can most effectively guide their visitors to and around their parks and gardens.

EGHN_Inventory of tools and techniques (pdf-file, 5,2 MB)
EGHN_Leitfaden Beschilderung und Information (pdf-file, 5,2 MB, German version)
EGHN_Outils d'interprétation  et charte graphique (pdf-file, 5,2 MB, French version)