Schlosspark Hovestadt

Hovestadt Castle Park


Schloss Hovestadt (Hovestadt Castle) is located at a horseshoe bend of the river Lippe in the southern Münsterland. The Renaissance castle can be traced back to the 13th century and is today the seat of the Counts of Plettenberg.

The grounds were restored in the 1990s on the basis of an historical plan from the 18th century. They are an example of a typical, late-Baroque garden of the landed Westphalian aristocracy.

At the time of their creation, these gardens had no particular representative function. They were, rather, reserved for the pleasure and diversion of their owners.

The extensive moat system which surrounds the castle also divides the park into individual, clearly-defined sections: castle island, garden island, half-moon with hedge theatre of shaped hornbeams (a rarity in North Rhine-Westphalia), boscage with tree room, goldfish pond, “Sternbusch” and kitchen garden.

The most impressive aspect of the gardens at Schloss Hovestadt is the way the hedges and trees are planted to form spaces. The best time to visit the park is therefore between spring and autumn, from the time when the trees come into leaf to when they shed their leaves.