The long narrow garden is divided up into several linked rooms and combines many different styles of garden design: a landscape garden, where the visitor can become a stage extra and stroll along a curved path, a round garden – the ‘green room’, named after the rooms in English theatres where actors rehearse their lines, and a symmetrical garden with straight lines where the viewer becomes the focus of attention and has the feeling that he or she is playing the main role.

There is a small patio garden with subtropical plants directly behind the house. This was created as a transitional area between the house and the gently hilly ground of the park-like area. De Heerenhof thus unites numerous facets of garden design, both the more “male”, park-like and formal areas as well as the more “female” cottage-garden elements such as colour arrangements in borders and the idyllic atmosphere of a farmhouse garden. Garden lovers will above all be surprised by the artistic plant combinations.