Hawkstone Park, Shropshire





The dramatic landscape of Hawkstone Park and Follies is not at all in keeping with the surrounding landscape of rural Shropshire. This undulating and magnificent park fits very much with original ideas of the picturesque, with such a spectacular and wild landscape.

The Hill family were owners of the Hawkstone estate for many generations, since the sixteenth century, although the Park saw many changes much later in the eighteenth century with Sir Rowland Hill, 1st Baronet [1705-1783] making many significant changes, and by 1752, maps show the park within the estate. From then on, visitors were encouraged to visit throughout the eighteenth century. However, the park went into decline in the late nineteenth century, and it was not until the park was restored and reopened in 1993 by Hawkstone Park Hotel that visitors were able to appreciate it once more.

Once again, visitors have been able to experience Hawkstone’s rugged beauty, with many winding paths lead to mystical caves, grottos and vantage points with many spectacular views across the County. This rich and unusual landscape has many impressive features and landmarks, appealing greatly to visitors of all ages.