Botanical Garden „Rombergpark“



The Rombergpark has its origins in Brünninghausen, a classical moated castle which belonged to the von Romberg family.

In 1927, the von Romberg family sold Haus Brünninghausen and its park to the town of Dortmund.

Today, the wonderful sweep of the broad meadow valley created by the Schondellenbach stream forms a generous swathe of ground for the landscape park and its comprehensive collection of trees and shrubs. The finely-structured rise in ground on both sides of the valley enables visitors to go for especially varied strolls in the gently rising and falling side valleys.

Venerable giants of trees, in some cases with ivy growing right to the top, emphasise the park’s tranquillity and act as a source of relaxation for visitors. Whether directly beside open fields, as solitary features, in the tall wood or between flowering shrubs, the trees are an attractive sight in every season.

The small and large pools, sources and ponds in the Rombergpark are home to many different water birds.

Today, Romberg Botanical Garden acts as a fertile symbiosis for all its visitors through its history, its extensive collection of plants, its broad educational programme on the natural world and the way it is used as a local recreational area.