Bad Oeynhausen Spa Park and

“Aqua Magica – Magisches Wasserland“


The spa park was created as a horseshoe-shaped landscape park between 1851 and 1853 on the basis of plans by Peter Josef Lenné, the most important garden architect of his time. Although the park was extended at various times, the basic structure still remains today.

Visitors encounter features in the park which bear witness to a glamorous and sophisticated spa world which was at its height during the first decades of the 20th century. From 1905 to 1908, the grandiose spa rooms were built at the south end of the park. These were designed to demonstrate Oeynhausen’s standing as a world-class spa..

Since then, a wide path leading from the spa rooms to the pump room with a large fountain in the middle has been the dominant feature of the central part of the park. In the same year, the Jordan spring was drilled in the south of the park. Its jet of water is over 50 metres high and is the symbol of the spa.

In recent years, parts of the symmetrical axes have been renewed as originally conceived at the turn of the century and the character of the landscape park has been restored.

The Landesgardenschau 2000 (regional garden exhibition) between the towns of Löhne and Bad Oeynhausen provided the occasion for the creation of a futuristic spa park with the motto “Aqua Magica – Magic Waterland”, a fascinating mixture of nature, technology, health and art. The most impressive building is a walk-in water crater from which a jet of water shoots up at irregular intervals.