Botanical Garden in Münster





The Botanical Garden in Münster is a scientific institution attached to the Westfälisches Wilhelms-Universität and is mainly used for research and teaching. The garden lies within the palace park and is not only of botanical interest. Its location at the edge of Münster’s bustling old town centre also makes it a popular oasis of tranquillity.

The impressive botanical diversity in the various parts of the 4.6 hectare garden ranges from heath and moor landscapes to farm gardens and a collection of Alpine plants. 8,000 different varieties of plant can be admired here.

Apart from these outside areas, six of the ten glasshouses are open to the public and are used for exhibiting plants. An orangery was built in place of an early glasshouse in 1840 using material resulting from the demolition of a wall at the palace terrace. Today, it is among the few examples of this type of building in Germany.

In 2003, the 200th anniversary of the Botanical Garden’s foundation at Münster palace was marked with numerous events.