Situated on the south coast of Cornwall Minack is the most dramatic setting of any of the gardens covered in this regional study. Minack is Cornish for ‘rocky place’ and until 100 years ago it was just another headland cliff. The arrival of Rowena Cade transformed this cliff into a remarkable working theatre, a stage for awe-inspiring performances in front of the epic backdrop of the Atlantic Ocean.

As well as producing wonderful theatre, Minack is home to exotic rockeries full of salt tolerant succulents that thrive in the sub-tropical environment. The bright and amazing plants that live both in the upper tiers and in the new garden on top of the theatre are a must for both children and exotic plant lovers.

In addition to being home to spectacular theatre, Minack has amazing cliff top views and many picturesque walks can be taken in the local area, only a short distance from Lands End. For those who prefer a more relaxing approach, beautiful and sandy Porthcawl beach is within a stones throw of the theatre.