East Lambrook and Margery Fish




East Lambrook was the home of Margery Fish, the mother of English cottage gardening. Margery Fish’s articles and books are so popular that they are rarely out of print. Her ideas shaped gardening to the economic realities of post-war Britain, opening the joys of plants and simple design from a preserve of the rich to a pleasure for everybody.

Grand vistas of stately homes are replaced with the cosy intimate experience of wandering through crowded flowerbeds. Visitors invited today can continue to savour the intimate gardens of East Lambrook, restored and kept as a living breathing entity to the memory of Margery Fish.

East Lambrook was also one of the first Nursery gardens and still functions as a productive garden today, propagating on site diverse geranium and euphorbia collections, as well as a wide variety of cottage garden perennials suitable for all gardens. Plants from the gardens can also be enjoyed as ingredients in the meals from East Lambrook’s award winning teashop.