Helmert Private Garden

An Enchanting Fairytale Garden


Over the past 20 years, Siegrid and Klaus Ulrich Helmert have used their own individual ideas to transform what was once a kitchen garden and orchard into a garden with a special appeal and atmosphere. The site, covering 6000 m2 and running down as far as the village millrace, stretches out behind an old, carefully restored half-timbered house dating from 1633.




The space is divided into three main areas. Traditional elements of garden design are used, but are always adapted to the owners’ individual concepts and ideas for use. Two formal sections near the house are succeeded by a larger, landscape-style part with various spatial divisions.

The whole garden is characterised by a rich variety and wealth of plants, carefully chosen to harmonise with each other in terms of size, colour and shading. Roses can be found in every section. Most of these are old species, ramblers and wild roses, many of which are allowed to develop unrestrictedly, thereby transforming large areas into masses of blossoms in June. To these are added herbaceous perennials, a further valued and well-tended element of the garden. They are left untouched right into the winter, thus revealing the charm of transience.