Friedestrom Park, which has been newly laid out within the walls of the old castle of Zons and around Zons museum, makes numerous references to the museum collections in its conscious selection of particular plants and trees.

In front of the museum entrance, trimmed cushions shaped from plants form a space surrounded by golden rain trees.

The newly-constructed belvedere, which is sheltered by two mighty, large-leaved linden trees, offers visitors a sweeping view over the old riverbed of the Rhine.

The "Garden of Defensibility" is geometrical in design and is planted with trimmed hedges of European beech which continue the line of the moat walls. Four apple trees fan out over the small garden with their spreading crowns.

The roof of an old bunker has been converted into a terrace giving visitors a view of the park.

Many different plants such as clematis, wisteria, hydrangeas, lunaria, forget-me-nots, bleeding heart, azaleas, blue comfrey, viburnum and flowering bulbs can be found at the edge of the castle moat.

Old trees such as sycamore maple, sweet chestnut, Norway maple and large-leaved linden trees create an old-world atmosphere in the rear park, which is surrounded by fortified castle walls.