Forest Botanical Garden –
A Blossoming Paradise in Southern Cologne





In the early 1960s, a former field was planted with a great biodiversity of trees, bushes, and shrubs from all parts of the world. Throughout the seasons, the forest botanical garden offers nature experiences of a particular kind: a ravine full of rhododendrons, a heather garden, a field overflowing with different types of peonies, and a Japanese partition with cherry blossoms and colourful azaleas. The autumn colours of the downy Japanese maple and the fragrant katsura tree also draw visitors to the garden. A 1.5 hectare large forest is the new habitat of many north-American trees, among them the giant sequoia, yellow pine, incense cedar, and the Colorado white fir.

The neighbouring, 20 hectare large, freedom forest to the south, which was planted in the 1980s, contains trees and bushes from all states to which, at the time, the German Republic held diplomatic relations.