Botanical Garden Gothenburg


BOTA Gothenburg

The largest part of Gothenburg's Botanical Garden constitutes a nature reserve including an arboretum. The garden comprises about 40 hectares and shows approximately 12,000 different species in various sections. The topography of the garden is very varied, much of it consisting of hilly terrain which lends itself naturally to boundaries drawn between different layouts with contrasting vegetation. The huge and dramatic rock garden with its 5,000 species from different continents is internationally acknowledged. Nearby is the greenly peaceful Japanese Glade where valuable plants from East Asia can be seen. Visitors may also enjoy the world’s largest collection of bulbs and tuberous plants brought here straight from their wild habitats. The pretty Herb Garden, the lush beds of perennials and the Kitchen Garden with its crop rotation are all interesting in their special ways. The Gothenburg Botanical Garden has also been well to the fore with a new outlook on how to grow annuals, the so-called summer blooming concept. The green houses host 4,000 species. Among them are Sweden’s finest collection of orchids and the unique Toromiro Tree (Sophora toromiro) from Easter Island.