Botanic Garden Bielefeld




Visitors standing at the main entrance to the Botanic Garden have an attractive view of the half-timbered house and the backdrop formed by the beech wood behind it. The large flowerbed at the entrance was originally planted with roses, but has been used since the garden's beginning to present a changing variety of plants and herbaceous perennials, thus forming an eye-catcher for arriving visitors.

The plants in the bog garden have always been worthy of special attention. Particularly in the flowering season, the numerous species of azalea and rhododendron in front of the backdrop of the woods are truly a feast for the eyes.

New designs and structural elements have been added time and again to the Botanic Garden since it was opened. A brief journey through time is thus possible, the various decades with their characteristic tastes being revealed, e.g. by the water-lily basin from 1927 with its adjoining area of lawn and pergola complete with seats from the 1960s, by the small show greenhouse from the 1970s and by the 1980s clock of geological periods. The fern steps constructed in recent years have also enhanced the Botanic Garden as have the garden courtyard with its pavilion and the colour garden laid out below the water-lily basin.