Zoological Garden Landscape Park

and Green Villa District at the Zoo



The Zoological Garden Landscape Park in Wuppertal forms an overall ensemble dating from the 19th-century Gründerzeit thanks to its surviving structural design by Heinrich Siesmayer, the garden architect from Frankfurt (1817-1900), as well as its valuable stock of trees, expanses of water on different levels, listed buildings and the adjoining villa district at the zoo. This unique combination of garden city, garden design and hilly ground was given protected status in 2004.

Siesmayer used the existing natural conditions to create a park in the style of a romantic landscape garden. Curving paths, ponds fed by the natural streams, constantly changing views of the park and out over the countryside as well as animal enclosures scattered through the grounds have been the characteristic features of Wuppertal Zoological Garden from the past to the present day.