Kölner Volksgarten
– A Garden Monument with a Long History



In 1889, the Volksgarten park was opened presenting vast lawns for play and recuperation in a gently modelled landscape with undulating hills and valleys. The optical centre of this landscaped park is a big boat pond with a curvy shoreline that forms many little bays. The trees and bushes were planted along the shoreline in such a way that new picturesque views arise.

Even in its time, the park, designed by the Cologne garden director Adolf Kowallek (1852 - 1902) and opened in 1889, was considered a masterpiece of German garden art.

The Volksgarten and the surrounding residential area could not be built until the inner fortification ring was abolished in the 1880s. Two elements of the weir system, the Lünette III, and the Fort IV, became part of the park. The so-called Orangerie, which today houses a theatre, was built in 1841 as an ammunition store.