Schlosspark Schieder





Schieder Palace is surrounded by a Baroque garden to the south, which is adjoined to the north by a 19th-century English landscape park. The Baroque part of the park was restored some years ago on the basis of a plan dating from 1775, the restoration being completed in spring 2009. The view from the terrace of the palace cafe transports visitors back to the time of the garden's creation, revealing the parterre with the fountain basin and three terraces connected by double flights of steps and cascades with masks spouting water. The sumptuous American bottlebrush buckeye on the eastern side of the Baroque garden is also of note.

To the north and east of the palace are large park areas created in landscape style, which have their origins in two extensions dating from the 19th century. Fully grown park trees and open areas of grass with sweeping views determine the park's character.