Rheinpark Köln
– Garden Monument from the 1950s



Today the Rheinpark created for the Bundesgartenschau (German garden show) in 1957 still largely has its original form and so reflects the garden architecture of the 1950s.

The central location of the park on the right bank of the river Rhine is the reason for some of its outstanding features: on the one hand the spatial contours with the vantage points, which integrate the prominent wetlands and characteristic landscape of the lower Rhine, and on the other hand the axes with a view to distinctive buildings on the left river bank of the Rhine such as the Cathedral and St. Kunibert.

The location on the river influenced not only the function of the park as an extended river promenade but was also the reason why numerous wells and fountains highlight and effectively present the theme "water".

In 2007, the park was extensively restored. The spatial structures, the shape of the grounds, and the plantations and view axes, which define the space, were restored and the structural elements such as buildings, water basins, alcoves, pergolas, paths, walls and steps were repaired.

The "horticultural islands" with shrubs, summer flowers and roses were carefully reinterpreted based on the original idea.