Villa Paolina





The main elements in the park of Villa Paolina, which covers about 10 hectares, consist of the gardens around the house, a beautiful Italian garden with annexed buildings, numerous avenues and a landscape garden with variously structured wooded areas and botanical compositions.

The main building is made up of a central unit and the two lateral wings. Bordered by hedges, the main path stretches out from the entrance exedra, broadening out into an elliptical space adorned with a fountain and cedar trees. It then continues beyond the body of the villa in four parallel rows of cypresses, stretching the entire length of property and intersecting with all the avenues leading at right angles to the edge of the park. The Italian garden is located along the second driveway at the height of the orangery (limonaia).

The Italian garden is made exclusively of rectangular box hedges and has two main paths. It is surrounded by walls decorated by a shell fountain with a central niche and two smaller side niches.

In the nineteenth century, an English landscape park was added in the north eastern part. It is still clearly recognisable thanks to the avenue of chestnut trees and other tree species.