Schlosspark Nordkirchen

Nordkirchen Palace Park

Schlosspark Nordkrichen

Wasserschloss Nordkirchen (Nordkirchen Palace) is regarded as the most significant grand Baroque palace and estate in Westphalia. It is not without reason that the moated ensemble dating from the early 18th century is frequently referred to as the “Westphalian Versailles”.

Both the palace and the outstanding park were created according to plans by Johann Conrad Schlaun, a master architect of the Baroque from Westphalia.

The gardens at the castle and at the “Oranienburg” were probably once among the most beautiful in Europe.
Eminent figures in European garden design contributed to the development of the park over its history. Maximilian Friedrich Weyhe redesigned some areas of the park as an English landscape garden in accordance with the spirit of the 19th century. The French garden architect Achille Duchêne, on the other hand, was responsible for a partial Baroque redesigning of the gardens.

The erstwhile splendour of the garden can still be seen today on the Venus island to the north of the palace, which features parterres de broderie and parterres de pelouse as well as shaped shrubs and sculptures. All that remains of the other, formerly great gardens such as the splendid “west garden” is their basic Baroque structure of avenues, axes, park architecture and sculptures. They are evidence of the estate’s great days of splendour.