Schloss- and Auenpark Neuhaus



The former episcopal residence “Schloss Neuhaus“ is regarded as one of the most beautiful moated castles built in the Weser Renaissance style in Germany. The high point of the castle’s fortunes probably occurred at the time of Klemens August of Bavaria, the prince-bishop who developed it into a Baroque residence in the 18th century.

The current Schloss- und Auenpark was created in 1994 on the occasion of the Landesgartenschau (regional garden exhibition) in the Schloss Neuhaus district of Paderborn. The complete park complex consists of the partly-reconstituted park at the castle and the ecological recreation area formed by the floodplains of the Alme, Lippe and Pader rivers.

Today, the moat, the partly-reconstructed historical Baroque parterre with its avenue of linden trees and the historical garden sculptures once again give a lasting impression of the splendour of the garden in the prince-bishop’s time.

There is a green route along the river floodplains complete with playgrounds and recreation areas. The route starts in the centre of Paderborn, passes by Schloss Neuhaus and leads to the Lippesee. “Floodplains as Habitats” is the theme of this green corridor.