Merrion Square Park


Merrion Square Park is situated on the south side of Dublin City centre and is considered one of the City’s finest Georgian squares.

Construction of the Georgian houses that provide the adjacent urban perimeter of the park began in the 1760’s. The park was originally private, open only to residents of the Georgian square. The land has since been leased to Dublin City Council.

The uniqueness of the park lies in the fact that it is no longer the preserve of the privileged local key holders. The park now is open to all and provides a really well maintained public open space, which caters for all ages. It is a great example of how old and new can be complementary and of the successful adaptation of a typical Georgian Square to modern intensive use as a public amenity. A visitor to the park will enjoy a 4.8 hectare sanctuary away from the hustle of city life. The original structural planting is now enhanced by additional shrub borders and by seasonal display of colourful bedding plants and spring bulbs. The park also hosts an interesting array of sculpture, a collection of gas lamps of old Dublin and a children playground as well as a colourful array of plants.