Schlosspark Lütetsburg

A landscape garden as a work of art and a way of life





Theodor Fontane was not the only person who was inspired to write poetry in green while he was a guest at Lütetsburg in 1882. The castle park – the life work of a poetic and artistic mind – is at its most beautiful from May to June when the azaleas and rhododendrons are in bloom.

Daffodils and narcissi form a bright yellow carpet of blossoms in early spring. The beauty of the more than 150 noteworthy dendrological specimens only becomes clear on closer inspection and they are particularly attractive in autumn due to their splendidly-coloured foliage.


The park is an exceptional work of garden design which develops a special charm during each season. Created in early-Romantic style between 1790 and 1824, this English landscape garden is one of the few surviving examples of its kind on the European continent. It was inspired by Wörlitz and still reveals evidence of Chinese influence today.