The Gardens of Château de la Ballue


La Ballue

Château de la Ballue and its gardens can be found above the green valley of the Couesnon river and combine with the surrounding landscape to form a perfect unity.

The garden is influenced by mannerism and comprises
- a contemporary interpretation of topiary modelled on the 16th-century Italian practice of arte topiara and thus placed in the tradition of Baroque garden design
- a maze-like structure of mysterious avenues and passages created as a stimulus for the eyes and ears
- an intimate garden with interrupted views which is crossed by a diagonal axis
- a sequence of 13 asymmetrically arranged garden "rooms" which repeatedly surprise visitors.

Two very different gardens are arranged side by side on an area covering 2 hectares. The division between them is marked by a long wisteria-covered arcade which runs between two rows of yews clipped into columns.

The green walls of the garden "rooms" serve as a backdrop for contemporary sculpture.

The network of paths guides visitors to various areas such as the mysterious copse, the music spinney, the fern garden, the grove of scents, the green theatre, the Diana temple and finally to the maze.