The late-Baroque hilltop garden at Schloss Hohenlimburg

... woken from its Sleeping Beauty slumber



Schloss Hohenlimburg is the only fortified complex from the early Middle Ages in Westphalia which has survived in largely intact condition.

There is evidence that a geometrically-structured hilltop garden laid out in Dutch style as a terraced parterre existed here from 1730.

In 2006, the hilltop garden was restored on the basis of historical records and stocked with contemporary plants.



Furthermore, the castle is now framed by kitchen gardens to the south and the east again. The name “Dienerschaftsgarten” (“Servants’ Garden”) indicates that fruit and vegetables for the servants were cultivated here while vines, roses and mulberry trees were grown in the terrace garden.

Enclosed by castle walls and set in the castle’s inner courtyard, the herb garden has an air of tranquillity.

The path around the garden is of particular significance in that it enables visitors to experience the gardens in their landscape setting. It starts at the car park and runs around the castle, linking all the areas of the garden with each other and providing views of the surrounding countryside.