Hardt / Botanical Garden




Rising up to a height of 95 metres above the Wupper river, the Hardt landscape lies between Elberfeld and Barmen, two parts of the town of Wuppertal. Visitors can enjoy beautiful views of the Hardt landscape and the densely populated townscape from all areas of the Hardt itself. The urban landscape is almost completely surrounded by higher ground covered with woods, meadows and parks, some of which continue right into the city centre.

Hardt forest, which stretches down to the Wupper river, is located on a steep slope to the east. It was laid out as a forest park by the town of Barmen and the Barmer Verschönerungsverein ("Barmen Enhancement Association") at the end of the 19th century.

The western part of the park consists of five gardens created between 1807 and 2007, each of them in the contemporary design of the period. On the 200th anniversary of the park's creation, the gardens were entered into Wuppertal's inventory of monuments as listed historical gardens.

The romantic landscape garden dating from 1807 is one of the oldest gardens initiated by citizens in Germany. One of the gardens was created in 1882 by Heinrich Siesmayer, the Royal Prussian garden design director. The Botanical Garden has been in existence since 1890.