Egeskov Castle Park



Egeskov castle park was created by Niels Krag the Younger, who lived at Egeskov from 1722 to 1740. The inspiration for the park's design came from the castle parks at Fredensborg and Frederiksborg as well as from the gardens at Versailles. The park consisted of four gardens surrounded by a network of hedges measuring up to 8 metres in height. This network still survives today and is a striking feature of the park. The individual garden areas, by contrast, have changed and developed over time in accordance with garden fashions.

Today's visitors to Egeskov find a large number of gardens, including various mazes, a scented garden, a fuchsia garden, a kitchen garden, a Renaissance garden, a rose and herbaceous garden, a white garden, a water garden and an English garden.

A visit to the park is rounded off by a large number of collections and exhibitions in the numerous castle buildings.