Palaisgarten Detmold


 The large landscape park covers an area of 7.5 hectares and was created in 1851 at the Neues Palais (now the Academy of Music) of the princely House of Lippe. The park emerged from the redesign of what was originally a 2.4 hectare Baroque garden surrounded by a high wall in the style of a “hortus conclusus”. Parts of a wildlife park were included and sweeping meadows in varying forms were created and planted with non-native shrubs and plants. Several striking tree circles, among them the “12 apostles”, are typical features of the park.

The fountains and water features form one of the biggest attractions. They were constructed from 1851 to 1858 and are all still in working order. Among them are the oval pool with the large fountain, the “small cascade” and “great cascade”. The latter two are made from large stone blocks. The frog fountain, dolphin fountain and swan pond feature ornamental figures of these animals.

In 1918, the garden was opened to the public. The choir and orchestra building of the Academy of Music was built from 1965 – 68 in the south part of the park. The garden in this area was redesigned on the basis of plans drawn up by the eminent garden architect Professor Hermann Mattern.