Leiden Botanical Garden/Hortus Botanicus
- A Green Oasis in the City





The oldest Botanical Garden in western Europe, the Hortus botanicus, can be found in the historical centre of Leiden. This impressive garden presents an unusual collection of plant species from Asia, southern Europe and North America, among them collections of carnivorous plants, cycads, tropical orchids, wild roses from Europe and Asia, peonies, ferns, bulbous plants and tubers.

The Botanical Garden has been the teaching garden of Leiden University since as far back as 1594. It was laid out behind the Academiegebouw and extended over the following centuries to its present size of 3 hectares.

The Clusius Garden, named after the founder Carolus Clusius (1526 - 1609), is a reconstruction of the original creation from this period. A diverse garden has developed as a result of four centuries of collection, care and study. Visitors can experience both this diversity and the garden's history in the greenhouses and in the variously designed garden areas, among them a Japanese garden, a rose garden, a fern garden, a system garden and - since 2015 - a Chinese herb garden.