Schlosspark Bad Berleburg


Bad Berleburg

Schloss Berleburg is surrounded by a large park which was created during the first half of the 18th century.

A side entrance from the castle courtyard leads through a wrought-iron gate into the former Baroque Kreuzgarten. This part of the garden is bordered along Parkstrasse by an avenue of chestnut trees and a natural stone wall adorned with cherubs made of sandstone.

The small pavilion in the Kreuzgarten offers visitors a beautiful view of the western area of the park, which lies in the Berlebach stream valley. A path which opens up time and again to reveal interesting views into the landscape-style park runs alongside the castle walls on one side and slopes planted with fruit trees on the other. The park's current appearance is defined by large lawns, small ponds and lush herbaceous beds. There is a charming interplay of colours above all in spring, when the rhododendrons are in flower, and in autumn, when the foliage of the Japanese Maples turns a fiery red.