Barmer Anlagen - a Green Lung Created by People for People




The Barmer Verschönerungsverein ("Barmen Enhancement Association"), which was founded in 1864, was the initiator of the Barmen Parklands and remains responsible for them today. Located on the slope of the southern Barmen hills, the Parklands are regarded as the second largest citizens' park in Germany and consist of the Upper and Lower Parks, the Ringeltal, Fischertal, Barmen woods and the "cemetery of honour".

The open sweep of the extensive lawns alternates with solitary trees, groups of trees and shrubs as well as both small and large ponds, making the Barmen Parklands an outstanding example of the ideal of an English landscape park. Several vantage points offer impressive views over the town. Important personages who dedicated themselves to the aims of the "Enhancement Association" and other causes are commemorated by monuments.

The Barmen Parklands were open to all citizens from the outset and today it is still easy to imagine the impact they must have had, especially on the workers who lived in the narrowly-built parts of the town which suffered from industrial noise pollution and emissions. The appeal of this "green lung" continues to be so great that the Parklands are still a popular destination for outings today, and are also used and highly valued by local residents.