Bardini Garden
– Seven centuries of Florentine history






The Bardini Garden is a unique place where to admire Florence, the urban landscape, the monuments and the surroundings hills. The visit of Bardini garden is a tour through art and nature, crossing seven century of Florentine history till the present.

The Bardini Garden occupies with its four hectares most of the hill that rises from the Arno river and Ponte Vecchio to the gate of San Giorgio and Forte Belvedere. The area is steep and is contained within the medieval walls of Florence.

The Bardini garden is also a very special case as the historic garden is divided in three different gardens: the rural part on the east side, the baroque stairway the central part, and the English wood on the west side.

The visit of the Bardini garden is very varied and rich from a botanical and historical point of view. The rural part offers to the visitor a rich collection of fruit trees, Noisette roses, hydrangeas and wisteria. The baroque staircases is decorated with statues, fountains and grottoes : at the bottom a contemporary flower garden is blooming during the seasons, and in the upper part iris and Bourbon roses are planted along the stairway and around the Belvedere terrace.

The English garden is woodland with evergreen trees and many fountains. In the central part there is a lawn with a long canal, very rare in Florence historic gardens. The villa has two beautiful terraces from which it is possible to admire Florence to the east and the best sunset to the west.